Our advice will help you move and change your address saving time and money

Consultations Service

This consultation can be helpful if you need to move after a natural disaster. Anyone can use our consultation. If you want to change your address, do it with our help. You can apply for a move. On our website, we show how we make this possible for you. And please make your choice about a monthly plan.

Benefits Of Our Services

Assistance in finding a place to live

Consultations in a fixed time

Packing and storage of things

Lifting things

Considering special needs in mind

Loyal tariffs with good conditions

Consultations Services

Our mission is to help people in need of housing after natural disasters.

 We aim to help ensure the safety of people who need a new home. 

And you can benefit us by agreeing to our partnership. We believe our work is accessible to everyone. Our recommendation for adapt and Information to many peoples will make life better. And we will do it for as long as others need it.

Why Choose Us?

These benefits are chosen by people.

We consider all the client's wishes and help make a comfortable and perfect period of adaption

 What matters is what you want. And we will make the arrival you need right now

Consultation on the choice of housing

We help to choose an area where you and your children will feel comfortable and safe

Advice on the selection of the moving company.

Be sure that all your belongings will be safely packed and delivered intact.

Consultation on change of address

It is essential to change your official address in time and notify all organizations of the change. Because one missed and unpaid bill can hurt your credit history. We know how to do it quickly and will be happy to tell you.

Our moving tips and advice will help you move faster.

Advice for moving across the country

Advice for moving across the country

Moving within the city is one thing, but moving across the country is more complicated and time-consuming. Here are a few basic things to consider:

1. Learn more about the region and area where your future home will be;

2. Explore the infrastructure of the settlement: the nearest supermarket, shopping center, hospital, pharmacy, post office, gas station, etc.

3. Sell unnecessary items and furniture.

4. Pack up all your paperwork.

5. File a change of address with USPS as soon as the property is yours.

6. Pick reliable movers and a moving company.

7. Use our packing advice for moving.

8. Get plenty of rest before you move.Explore the infrastructure of the settlement: the nearest supermarket, shopping center, hospital, pharmacy, post office, gas station, etc.

Pricing Table


$ 45 Monthly
  • Upto 3 Members
  • Discounted Shipping
  • Online support


$ 60 Monthly
  • Upto 5 Members
  • Consultation without an appointment
  • Extended features


$ 80 Monthly
  • Upto 7 Members
  • Mentoring support
  • Additional features

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