Our advice will help you move and change your address saving time and money

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Are you going to change your address next week? Then hurry up and notify the services and organizations you left your address information. These include the post office, utilities, insurance company, telephone company, etc.

Please notify the post office first. You must ensure that new bills are sent to your current address. It keeps your credit history in good standing.


The procedure for changing your address (what documents you need to provide, where to get the application form, and where and how to submit it)

For example, we will tell you how and what documents to submit to the Tax Service.

  • You need to fill out Form 8822 “Change of Address” or 8822-B “Change of Address or Responsible Party – Enterprise.” 
  • Enter the date of the new address in the tax return in the appropriate columns.
  • Enter your name and surname, new address, and old address.
  • Remember your taxpayer number and social security number. And also the individual taxpayer number of your employer (if you have one).

You can also notify the Tax Service orally. Just confirm your identity to an institution employee in a telephone conversation. 


You must notify the post office of your move. It will be in one of two ways:


  • Either visit your post office and ask on the spot.
  • Or go to the website and usps change of address.


If you are not a US citizen, make an appointment with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. You should be notified along with USCIS and other services in equal priority.

The IRS must also receive information from you about the change of address.

Social Security Administration. – This is who you need to notify if you receive payments as a retiree, health insurance, or other social security benefits (such as disability).

You should contact the DMV to have your new address listed on your driver’s license.

If you are a male of draft age 16-26 and are in the United States, fill out the form at the Selective Service website or the post office. For the latter, fill out SSS Form 2.


What losses can you suffer if you do not submit your information on time to all the necessary services and institutions.

In fact, from the loss of bills and prepaid correspondence to more critical consequences. We’re talking about sending utility bills to an old address. You need to receive them on time to be able to pay for them. The worst thing that can happen is penalties. And you will be forced to take out a loan to pay them. So it is better to avoid this.

All government agencies need your up-to-date information on moving to a new address.